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OceanObs’09 is planned around and is firmly based on community contributions and community consensus provided in three levels as input to the conference (detailed descriptions of the types of input »)

Publication template for all three types of contribution

download the publication template for camera-ready copy (revised 21 October) in Word format »

download a reference list of all Community White Papers » and/or all Additional Contributions » formatted for cutting and pasting into your submitted contribution reference list

If you wish to use another program to generate your pdf submission, please follow the guidelines written in the document above, keeping the top margin at 2.5 cm, the bottom at 3.7 cm, and the left and right at 2 cm.

Final Plenary Papers due 28 February 2010

Final drafts of Plenary Papers

submit the final camera-ready Plenary Paper »

To submit the final camera-ready version of your Plenary Paper, log into via the link above, replace your draft copy with the final copy, and send an e-mail to reviews@oceanobs09.net to confirm that it has been submitted, along with a quick description of how you responded to the reviews.
If you wish to inquire about submitting a late review draft of your Plenary Paper, please write to reviews@oceanobs09.net.

These submissions were due by 31 October 2009

Community White Papers

submit the final camera-ready Community White Paper »

Additional Contributions

submit the final camera-ready written contribution to an AC »



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