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  • Program  pdf pdf : download
    The ocean observations conference, 17-22 October 1999


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Basic texts

  • Preface  pdf pdf : download
    The first international conference on the ocean observing system for climate
  • Conference Statement  pdf pdf : download
    Ocean Obs 99 Conference Statement

White Papers from the 1999 meeting

  • Anderson et al.  pdf pdf : download
    ENSO and seasonal forecast systems
  • Argo science team  pdf pdf : download
    Argo: the global array of profiling floats
  • Bahurel et al.  pdf pdf : download
    MERCATOR: developing an integrated system for operational oceanography
  • Bailey et al.  pdf pdf : download
    Scientific evaluation of the global upper ocean thermal network
  • Bernal and Shaffer  pdf pdf : download
    Partnerships for GOOS and sustained observation
  • Campos et al.  pdf pdf : download
    The South Atlantic and the climate
  • Cattle et al.  pdf pdf : download
    High-latitude processes and the ice-covered ocean
  • Drinkwater et al.  pdf pdf : download
    Quantifying surface fluxes in the ice-covered polar oceans using satellite microwave remote sensing data
  • Fine et al.  pdf pdf : download
    Observing tracers and the carbon cycle
  • Flemming  pdf pdf : download
    Dividents from investing in ocean observations: a European perspective
  • Garzoli et al.  pdf pdf : download
    COSTA: a climate observing system for the Tropical Atlantic
  • Gould et al.  pdf pdf : download   download figure
    Investigating ocean climate variability: the need for systematic hydrographic observations within CLIVAR/GOOS
  • Griffiths et al.  pdf pdf : download
    Towards new platform technology for sustained observations
  • Imawaki et al.  pdf pdf : download
    Oceanic boundary currents
  • Johannessen et al.  pdf pdf : download
    Emerging new earth observation capabilities in the context of an ocean observing system for climate
  • Kessler et al.  pdf pdf : download
    The Pacific Basin extended climate study
  • Knox and Wallace  pdf pdf : download
    Future plans for research ships in global ocean observations
  • Kvaleberg and Gammelsrød  pdf pdf : download
    The Benguela Niño 1995 as observed by satellites
  • Lagerloef and Delcroix  pdf pdf : download
    Sea surface salinity: a regional case study for the tropical Pacific
  • Latif et al.  pdf pdf : download
    Data requirements for decadal-to-centennial climate variability studies and coupled models
  • Le Traon et al.  pdf pdf : download
    Operational oceanography and prediction - a GODAE perspective
  • Leetma et al.  pdf pdf : download
    Application of seasonal to interannual predictions: a northern hemisphere perspective
  • Legler et al.  pdf pdf : download
    Essential elements of the data and information management system (DIMS) for the ocean observing system for climate
  • Marchand  pdf pdf : download
    The CORIOLIS proposal
  • McPhaden et al.  pdf pdf : download
    The ENSO observing system
  • Meyers et al.  pdf pdf : download
    A southern hemisphere perspective: monsoon, seasonal and interannual applications of an Indian Ocean observing system
  • Milliff et al.  pdf pdf : download
    Global ocean surface vector wind observations from space
  • Minster and Smith  pdf pdf : download
    Climate change and the ocean observing system
  • Mitchum et al. pdf pdf : download
    The future of sea surface height observations
  • Needler et al.  pdf pdf : download
    The action plan for GOOS/GCOS and sustained observations for CLIVAR
  • Nowlin et al.  pdf pdf : download
    An integrated, sustained ocean observing system
  • Pinardi et al.  pdf pdf : download
    The Mediterranean ocean forecasting system: the first phase of implementation
  • Ratier  pdf pdf : download
    Space-based observations in the Global Ocean Observing System: the operational transition issue
  • Reynolds  pdf pdf : download
    Specific contributions to the observing system: sea surface temperatures
  • Rintoul et al.  pdf pdf : download
    Monitoring and understanding Southern Ocean variability and its impact on climate: a strategy for sustained observations
  • Send et al.  pdf pdf : download
    Oceanographic timeseries observations
  • Smith et al.  pdf pdf : download
    The role of XBT sampling in the ocean thermal network
  • Stammer et al.  pdf pdf : download
    Global ocean modeling and state estimation in support of climate research
  • Swail et al.  pdf pdf : download
    Wind waves in the Global Ocean Observing System
  • Taylor et al.  pdf pdf : download
    Surface fluxes and surface reference sites
  • Visbeck et al.  pdf pdf : download
    Atlantic Climate Variability (ACVE)
  • Warren and Smith  pdf pdf : download
    The use of ocean observations in Bureau of Meteorology operational products
  • Wunsch et al.  pdf pdf : download
    Observing the ocean in the 2000's: a strategy for the role of acoustic tomography in ocean climate observations


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