Community White Papers

These papers will be solicited as group contributions with one identified corresponding author. They need to be forward-looking, stating new opportunities for a particular element of the sustained observing system (not a process study), a CEOS satellite virtual constellation, or stating the requirements for a user need. It will refresh existing plans in the light of new information and technology, or describe contributions to the sustained global ocean observing system from new communities with a plan for a globally-deployed network or infrastructure or service [except for user need papers].

It needs to clearly identify the community contribution to one or more topics addressed by the Plenary Papers, labelled as either a ‘core’ or ‘relevant’ contribution to each of these topics.

Part of the meeting record
5 typeset pages max (3500-5000 words), 5 figures
Displayed at the meeting in poster form

Community White Paper proposals (title, abstract, potential authors, optionally an outline) were due 15 November 2008.

After review of the proposals by the Program Committee and Plenary Paper authors to make sure they adhere to guidelines above, and negotiation with proposers, the list of accepted Community White Papers was published in December 2008.

First drafts were due March 2009, open for comment, and for review by the review team.
Meeting drafts were due 1 September 2009.

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