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Proceedings of OceanObs'09: Sustained Ocean Observations and Information for Society

SUMMARY doi:10.5270/OceanObs09.Summary

OceanObs'09 Conference Summary

Ocean Information for Society: Sustaining the Benefits, Realizing the Potential

Albert S. Fischer (1), Julie Hall (2), D.E. Harrison (3), Detlef Stammer (4), Jérôme Benveniste(5)

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The OceanObs'09 conference (21-25 September 2009, Venice, Italy) celebrated a decade of progress in implementing an initial ocean observing system focused on ocean physics and carbon, identified the scientific and societal benefits it has enabled, and looked forward to the coming decade. The conference called for full implementation and sustaining of the planned physical and carbon observing system, and highlighted a wealth of opportunities to extend the system to include comprehensive integrated observations, data sharing, analysis and forecasting of the biogeochemical state of the ocean and the status of marine biodiversity and ecosystems.

The executive summary of the conference (Section 1) outlines the key accomplishments of the conference in highlighting societal needs for a sustained ocean observing system, identifying opportunities and challenges. Section 2 describes the process of community input that culminated in the conference and the papers in these proceedings. Section 3 provides our view of key opportunities and challenges for components of the ocean observing system identified by the conference participants through the Plenary Papers and Community White Papers.

1OceanObs'09 Organizing Committee, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, 1 rue Miollis, 75015 Paris, France
2OceanObs'09 co-chair, National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research (NIWA), Private Bag 14901, Kilbirnie Wellington, 6241, New Zealand
3OceanObs'09 co-chair, NOAA/PMEL, 7600 Sand Point Way, Seattle WA 98115, USA
4OceanObs'09 co-chair, Institut für Meereskunde, KlimaCampus, University of Hamburg, Bundesstr. 53, 20146 Hamburg, Germany
5OceanObs'09 Organizing Committee, European Space Agency/ESRIN, Via Galileo Galilei, Frascati (Rome), I-00044, Italy

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