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Proceedings of OceanObs'09: Sustained Ocean Observations and Information for Society

PLENARY PAPERdoi:10.5270/OceanObs09.pp.25

Ocean Data: Collectors to Archives

Robert Keeley(1), S. Woodruff(2), Sylvie Pouliquen(3), M. Conkright-Gregg(4), G. Reed(5)

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Preserving data for future use involves the acquisition, processing, preservation, quality assurance or control (QC) or assurance, archival preservation (including accompanying platform and instrumental metadata), and dissemination by data centres serving national and international users [1]. Many organizations, both national and international have a primary objective to assemble, preserve into the future and disseminate measurements from the ocean and the overlying atmosphere. The few that are mentioned illustrate the common objectives and issues of all. This paper is a companion to other papers [2, 3 and 4] that cover the scope of ocean data management. This one deals with the processes of moving data from acquisition to archives and leaves the other aspects of data management to the other authors (other than touching briefly on issues related to timely delivery).

1Integrated Science Data Management, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, 200 Kent St., Ottawa, K1A 0E6, Canada
2NOAA/ESRL (PSD3), 325 Broadway; Boulder, CO 80305 US
3Oceanography from Space and In-Situ Departement, IFREMER, Z.I. B.P. 70, 29280 Plouzané, France
4Director, U.S. National Oceanographic Data Center, 1315 East-West Highway, # 4820, Silver Spring, MD, 20910 USA
5Australian Ocean Data Centre Joint Facility, Wylde Street, Potts Point, NSW Australia

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