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Proceedings of OceanObs'09: Sustained Ocean Observations and Information for Society

COMMUNITY WHITE PAPER10.5270/OceanObs09.cwp.14

An Integrated International Approach to Arctic Ocean Observations for Society (A Legacy of the International Polar Year)

John Calder(1), Andrey Proshutinsky(2), Eddy Carmack(3), Igor Ashik(4), Harald Loeng(5), Jeff Key(6), Molly McCammon(7), Humfrey Melling(3), Donald Perovich(8), Hajo Eicken(9), Mark Jo Johnson(10), Ignatius Rigor(11)

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This White Paper takes a broad pan-Arctic approach to describe a plan for sustained ocean observations in the Arctic region directed to providing societal benefits, focusing on fulfilling the ocean component of the Global Climate Observing System in the Arctic region, while serving other needs as well. It will describe the most important in situ platforms and address associated modeling and analysis activities. The paper starts with a description of the in situ Arctic Observing Network/System required for ocean physics, ocean biology and biogeochemistry, sea ice, and the atmosphere over the Arctic Ocean. We discuss remote sensing techniques for the Arctic, and then discuss issues regarding data management, organization and Exclusive Economic Zones.

1NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Climate Program Office R/CPO, Arctic Research Program, 1100 Wayne Ave., Silver Spring, Maryland 20910-5603 USA
2Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, MS#29 360 Woods Hole Road Woods Hole MA 02543
3Institute of Ocean Sciences, 9860 West Saanich Road, PO Box 6000, Sidney V8L 4B2, B.C., Canada
4Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI), 38 Bering Street, St. Petersburg, 199397, Russia
5Institute of Marine Resources, P.O. Box 1870 Nordnes NO-5817 Bergen Norway
6National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 1225 W. Dayton St. Madison, WI 53706
7Alaska Ocean Observing System, 1007 W 3rd Ave # 100, Anchorage, AK 99501-1936 USA
8Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, 603-646-4255 Investigator 72 Lyme Rd. Hanover, New Hampshire 03755-1290 USA
9University of Alaska Fairbanks, 907 Yukon Dr, P.O. Box 757320, Fairbanks, AK 99775-7320, USA
10University of Alaska Fairbanks, 111 O'Neill, P.O. Box 757220, Fairbanks, AK 99775-7220, USA
11University of Washington, 1013 N.E. 40th St., Seattle, WA 98105, USA

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Calder, J. & Co-Authors (2010). "An Integrated International Approach to Arctic Ocean Observations for Society (A Legacy of the International Polar Year)" in Proceedings of OceanObs’09: Sustained Ocean Observations and Information for Society (Vol. 2), Venice, Italy, 21-25 September 2009, Hall, J., Harrison, D.E. & Stammer, D., Eds., ESA Publication WPP-306, doi:10.5270/OceanObs09.cwp.14

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