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Proceedings of OceanObs'09: Sustained Ocean Observations and Information for Society

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Remote Sensing of Sea Ice

Lars-Anders Breivik(1), Tom Carrieres(2), Steinar Eastwood(1), Andrew Fleming(3), Fanny Girard-Ardhuin(4), Juha Karvonen(5), Ron Kwok(6), Walter N. Meier(7), Marko Mńkynen(8), Leif Toudal Pedersen(9), Stein Sandven(10), Markku Similń(5), Rasmus Tonboe(9)

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Sea ice data from satellites represent one of the longest earth observation records from space. The variations in temperature, emissivity and reflectivity of sea ice and the differences compared to the surrounding open ocean make it an ideal application of remote sensing. Several techniques and instruments have been developed and successfully utilized and today it is impossible to imagine operational sea ice monitoring and analysis without satellite data. However, as the use expands and need for knowledge moves forward, remote sensing of sea ice faces new challenges. This paper describes the use of satellite data in remote sensing of sea ice with a focus on operational applications. It provides an overview of status, recent developments and future challenges to improve sea ice monitoring from satellites.

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