Goals and vision

Almost a decade has passed since the OceanObs’99 conference played a major role in consolidating the plans for a comprehensive ocean observing system able to deliver systematic global information about the physical environment of the oceans.

Now, for the first time in history, the world’s oceans are being observed routinely and systematically by means of satellite and in situ techniques. The availability of these observations has led to rapid progress in ocean analysis and forecasting as well as new scientific understanding of oceanic variability and the role of the oceans in weather and climate.  This information and knowledge supports a wide range of societal and business benefits.

It is now critically important to ensure sustainability and further development of the present system and to realize the full extent of the benefits across all stakeholders and for all participating nations.  It is equally important to define a clear path to plan for extending the present system to include comprehensive observation, analysis and forecasting of the biogeochemical state of the ocean and the status of marine ecosystems.

The OceanObs’09 conference will celebrate a decade of progress and make a major contribution to chart the way forward for the coming decade.

Conference  Goals:

  • celebrate progress in implementing the existing initial ocean observing system, realizing societal benefits from it  and highlighting its potential.
  • develop a process for building consensus for sustaining and evolving systematic and routine global ocean observations over the next 10 years in support of societal benefits.

Conference Vision:

Strengthen and enhance the international framework under GCOS, GOOS, WCRP, IGBP and supporting regional and national frameworks for sustained world ocean observing and information systems supporting the needs of society about ocean weather, climate, ecosystems, carbon and chemistry

Conference Outcomes

The organizers of the conference have prepared a draft conference statement that outlines consensus outcomes from the conference. Your comments and suggestions on this draft are solicited. Read and comment on the draft conference statement »


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