Integrated Framework for Sustained Ocean Observations task team

Key outputs

Draft consultative report v.7 (15 May 2011)

This consultative version for wide distribution to sponsors, the OceanObs'09 participants, and IOC Member States was published on 15 May 2011. Download the draft consultative report v.7 (1.2 MB) »

Framework roll-out presentation v.2 (January 2011)

This presentation gives some brief background on the task given to the post-OceanObs'09 working group, and an overview of the Framework for Ocean Observing. It is meant to be given to sponsors of the working group to ask for their input into an evolving draft of the framework recommendations. Please open the notes for a fuller narrative. Download the Framework roll-out presentation v.2 (5.5 MB) »

Download un updated Framework roll-out leaving out some OceanObs'09 background but including more on governance/management. Framework roll-out presentation v.3 (4.6 MB, 7 April 2011) »


Older drafts

Draft consultative report v.6 (6 May 2011) Download the draft consultative report v.6 (1.3 MB) »

Draft consultative report v.3 (7 February 2011) Download the draft consultative report v.3 (850 kB) »

Draft consultative report v.1 (17 November 2010) Download the draft consultative report v.1 (1 MB) »


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