post-OceanObs'09 Working Group


The provisional membership for the group is as follows

Name Expertise Country Primary sponsor link Other
Keith Alverson Paleoclimate/physical/observing systems Int IOC GOOS
Bee Berx physical oceanography for fisheries and environmental science UK ICES  
Peter Burkill Biology/plankton UK SCOR  
Francisco Chavez Biogeochemistry/ecosystems USA IGBP
Dave Checkley Fisheries USA PICES  
Candyce Clark observing systems USA JCOMM  
Vicki Fabry acidification/plankton/biogeochemistry USA POGO
Albert Fischer secretariat Int IOC GOOS, JCOMM, WCRP
John Gunn* Biology Australia CoML POGO,
Julie Hall Biology New Zealand IGBP  
Eric Lindstrom* Satellites USA GCOS GOOS
Yukio Masumoto Physical oceanography Japan POGO  
David Meldrum Meterology/Physical/observing systems UK JCOMM  
Mike Meredith Polar regions UK SCAR  
Pedro Monteiro Carbon fluxes South Africa GOOS  
José Mulbert Biology/coastal Brazil GEO GOOS
Sylvie Pouliquen Real-time data systems France JCOMM GOOS
Carolin Richter Climate observations Int GCOS  
Sun Song Marine ecosystems China POGO  
M. Tanner, R. Koopman, D. Cripe Climate / GEOSS Int GEO  
Martin Visbeck Physical oceanography/climate research Germany WCRP CLIVAR
Stan Wilson Satellites USA CEOS  

* co-chair  

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