FRAMEWORK doi:10.5270/OceanObs09-FOO

A Framework for Ocean Observing

The international sponsors of OceanObs'09, all with a stake in the development of the sustained ocean observing system, pledged at the conference to work together towards an integrated system. They decided to convene a limited-lifetime post-conference working group (the Integrated Framework for Sustained Ocean Observations task team) that, in broad consultation: recommended a framework for moving global sustained ocean observations forward in the next decade, integrating feasible new biogeochemical, ecosystem, and physical observations while sustaining present observations, and considering how best to take advantage of existing structures.

At the conference the international sponsors were joined in pledging to work together towards an integrated system by many regional and national organizations, among them the sponsors of the OceanObs'09 conference.

Framework for Ocean Observing final document

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Framework for Ocean Observing » (pdf, 3 MB)

The new Global Ocean Observing System Steering Committee (GOOS SC) is using the Framework as the guiding document for its work with partners.


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