Plenary Papers

Click the titles below to download the final Plenary Papers from the OceanObs’09 conference.

Day 1: Celebrating a decade of progress and preparing for the future

Session 1B Celebrating a decade of progress

Chet Koblinsky; From the in situ perspective (this talk was not turned into a Plenary Paper)

Final Mark Doherty; From the satellite perspective

Final Sylvie Pouliquen; The development of data sytem and growth in data sharing

Final Anthony Busalacchi; Ocean information for research and applications

Session 1C High Level Perspectives: the need for ocean observations and information

Jane Lubchenco; Keynote address

Jacqueline McGlade; Keynote address

Shailesh Nayak; Keynote address

Michel Jarraud represented by Carolin Richter; Keynote address

Session 1D Early Successes

Final David Anderson; El Niño – Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and seasonal forecasting

Final Kevin Trenberth; Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) and attribution and prediction of climate: Progress since the Fourth Assessment

Final Eddie Bernard; Tsunami forecasting and community resilience

Final Jim Yoder; Ocean colour: early successes and future needs

Final Peter Burkill; Long-term monitoring of plankton

Day 2: Scientific results and potential based on global observations

Session 2A: Large-scale ocean properties: science, observations, and impacts

Final Susan Wijffels; Heat content and temperature

Final Ray Schmitt; Freshwater and salinity

Final Anny Cazenave; Sea level: regional and global trends

Session 2B: Large-scale ocean circulation and fluxes

Final Lynne Talley; Ventilation and surface circulation

Final Steve Rintoul; Deep circulation and meridional overturning

Final Sergey Gulev; Surface fluxes and processes including sea ice

Session 2C: Biogeochemistry and ecosystems

Final Nicolas Gruber; Carbon, oxygen and nutrients

Final Ron O’Dor and Kristen YarincikBringing Life to Ocean Observations

Final Ken Denman; Observing Ocean Ecosystems: Needs, Capabilities and Gaps

Final Helen Yap; Global monitoring of coral reefs

Day 3: Delivering services to society

Session 3A: Information and assessment

Pierre-Yves Le Traon; Physical hindcasts and nowcasts: evolution and skill for service delivery (this talk was not turned into a Plenary Paper)

Final Richard Stumpf; Monitoring and nowcasting of Harmful Algal Blooms

Arne Körtzinger; Assessment of the current ocean carbon sink and its implications for climate change and mitigation (this talk was merged into the Plenary Paper by Gruber et al., Session 2C)

Session 3B: Forecasting

Final Gary Brassington; Short-term forecasts: delivery and observational requirements

Final Magdalena Balmaseda; Ocean observations for an End-to-End Seasonal Forecasting System

Final James Hurrell; Decadal to centennial forecasting

Session 3C: Hazards, impacts, and management

Final Débora Iglesias-Rodríguez; Ocean acidification

Final Tony Koslow; Integration of Ocean Observations into an Ecosystem Approach to Resource Management

Final Liana McManus; Coastal futures and ocean observing initiatives

Ralph Rayner; Economic benefits from ocean information (this talk was not turned into a Plenary Paper)

Day 4: Developing technology and infrastructure

Session 4A: In situ

Final Dean Roemmich; Integrating the ocean observing system: mobile platforms

Final Richard Lampitt and Paolo Favali; Fixed/stationary platforms: Eulerian observations- Benthic observatories

Final John Gunn; Developments for sustained measurement of new variables: ocean biology observatories

Session 4B: Satellite

Final Hans BonekampOperational missions

Final Eric Lindstrom; Research missions

Final Bertrand Chapron; Data integration and products

Session 4C: Information synthesis and delivery

Final Michele Rienecker; Synthesis and assimilation systems: essential adjuncts to the Global Ocean Observing System

Final Carl Wunsch; Observational network design

Final Robert Keeley; Data assembly infrastructure: from acquisition to archives

Final Jon Blower; Data dissemination: from archives to customer

Day 5: The Way Forward

Session 5A: Delivering societal benefits

Final Pierre Bahurel; Ocean monitoring and forecasting core services

Final Martin Hoerling; Oceans and drought

Final Dave Checkley; Fisheries management and ocean observations

Session 5B: Towards an integrated observing system

Final Mark Drinkwater; Satellite observing system

Final Uwe Send; In situ observing system

Final Hervé Claustre; Biogeochemistry and ecosystems observing system

Final Guy Brasseur; Climate modeling and assimilation

Steve Hankin; Data management vision