Integrating biological data into ocean observing systems: the future role of OBIS

Integrating Biological Data Into Ocean Observing Systems: The Future Role of OBIS

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2 open review comments to “Integrating biological data into ocean observing systems: the future role of OBIS”

  1. Serge GARCIA says:

    THis is a short but excellent note. In terms of future developments I would only add the following. Considering the generalized adoption of the ecosystem approach for natural resources management, it would be essential to provide/ensure an interface between the future OBIS and the similar information systems(networks that are developing around systems of use such as in fisheries. This implies that connections are actively developed for mutual enhancement and benefits.

  2. Early in September Edward Vanden Berghe had circulated among the authors a revised version of the paper and the following sentences were inserted in the last paragraph, to the agreement of us all.
    ‘In its General Assembly of June 2009 the IOC accepted OBIS as one of its activities, under the International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE) programme. Further discussions are now held to implement the integration of OBIS within IODE. One of the aspects that have to be resolved is the relationship between OBIS and the Global Ocean Observing System – how OBIS should develop in order to become the biodiversity component of GOOS. Discussions with the GOOS team at IOC, but also with the regional GOOS activities in the USA and elsewhere, will assist in defining priorities.’