Overview of Community White Papers

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Final Adornato; In Situ Nutrient Sensors for Ocean Observing Systems

Final Balmaseda; Initialization for Seasonal and Decadal Forecasts

Final Beegle-Krause; Observations as Assets in Decision Support

Final Belbeoch; The JCOMM in situ Observing Platform Support Centre: A decade of progress and remaining challenges

Final Blanc; Evolution in data and product management for serving operational oceanography, a GODAE feedback.

Final Boehme; Biologging in the Global Ocean Observing System

Final Borges; A Global Sea Surface Carbon Observing System: Inorganic and Organic Carbon Dynamics in Coastal Oceans

Final Bourassa; Remotely sensed winds and wind stresses for marine forecasting and ocean modeling

Final Brainard; An International Network of Coral Reef Ecosystem Observing Systems (I-CREOS)

Final Brasseur; Sensor Needs and Readiness Levels for Ocean Observing: An Example from the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI)

Final Breivik; Remote sensing of sea ice

Final Burnett; Quality Assurance of Real-Time Ocean Data (QARTOD)

Final Byrne; Sensors and Systems for Observations of Marine CO2 System Variables

Final Calder; An Integrated International Approach to Arctic Ocean Observations for Society (A Legacy of the International Polar Year)

Final Charrassin; New insights into Southern Ocean physical and biological processes revealed by intstumented elephant seals

Final Cipollini; The Role of Altimetry in Coastal Observing Systems

Final Claustre; Bio-optical profiling floats as new observational tools for biogeochemical and ecosystem studies

Final Conkright Gregg; Ocean and Coastal Data Stewardship

Final Costa; TOPP: Using Electronic tags to monitor the movements, behaviour and habitats of marine vertebrates

Final Cronin; Monitoring Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction in Western
Boundary Current Extensions

Final Cunningham; The present and future system for measuring the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation and heat transport

Final De La Beaujardiere; Ocean and Coastal Data Management

Final Dohan; Measuring the global ocean surface circulation with satellite and in situ observations

Final Donlon; Successes and Challenges for the Modern Sea Surface Temperature Observing System

Final Dushaw; A Global Ocean Acoustic Observing Network

Final Eyre; Requirements of numerical weather prediction for observations of the oceans

Final Fairall; Observations to Quantify Air-Sea Fluxes and Their Role in Climate Variability and Predictability

Final Favali; Seafloor Observatory Science

Final Feely; An International Observational Network for Ocean Acidification

Final Forget; Societal Applications in Fisheries and Aquaculture using Remotely-Sensed Imagery – The SAFARI project

Final Fredericks; Integrating QA/QC into Open GeoSpatial Consortion Sensor Web Enablement

Final Freeland; Argo - A Decade of Progress

Final Fu; The SWOT (Surface Water and Ocean Topography) Mission

Final Garzoli; Progressing towards global sustained deep ocean observations

Final Goni; The Ship Of Opportunity Program

Final Goni; The ocean observing system for tropical cyclone intensification forecasts and studies

Final Gordon; Interocean Exchange of thermocline water: Indonesian Throughflow; “Tassie” Leakage; Agulhas Leakage

Final Griffies; Problems and Prospects in Large-Scale Ocean Circulation Models

Final Gruber; Adding Oxygen to Argo: Developing a Global in-situ Observatory for Ocean Deoxygenation and Biogeochemistry

Final Handegard; Toward a global ocean ecosystem Mid-trophic Automatic Acoustic Sampler (MAAS)

Final Hankin; NetCDF-CF-OPeNDAP: Standards for Ocean Data Interoperability and Object Lessons for Community Data Standards Processes

Final Heimbach; Observational Requirements for Global-Scale Ocean Climate Analysis: Lessons from Ocean State Estimation

Final Holliday; The ICES Working Group on Oceanic Hydrography: building on over 100 years of North Atlantic observations

Final Hood; Ship-based Repeat Hydrography: A Strategy for a Sustained Global Program.

Final Hurrell; Decadal Climate Prediction: Opportunities and Challenges

Final Hydes; The Way Forward in Developing and Integrating Ferrybox Technologies

Final Keeley; Data Management System for Surface Drifters

Final Kent; The Voluntary Observing Ship Scheme

Final Koslow; The California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (CalCOFI): evolution of a 60-year ocean observation program

Final Kwok; Combining satellite altimetry, time-variable gravity, and bottom pressure observations to understand the Arctic Ocean

Final Lagerloef; Resolving the global surface salinity field and variations by blending satellite and in situ observations

Final Larkin; Benthic biology time-series in the deep sea: Indicators of change

Final Latif; Dynamics of Decadal Climate Variability and Implications for its Prediction

Final Lee; Autonomous Platforms in the Arctic Observing Network

Final Lee; Ocean State Estimation for Climate Research

Final Le Quere; Observational Needs of Dynamic Green Ocean Models

Final Le Traon; GODAE OceanView: from an experiment towards a long-term ocean analysis and forecasting international program

Final MacKinnon, J. Using Global Arrays to Investigate Internatl-Waves and Mixing

Final Malone; Building a Global System of Systems for the Coastal Ocean

Final Masumoto; Observing Systems in the Indian Ocean

Final McPhaden; The Global Tropical Moored Buoy Array

Meldrum; Data buoy observations: the status quo and anticipated developments over the next decade

Final Merrifield; The Global Sea Level Observing System (GLOSS)

Final Monteiro; A global sea surface carbon observing system: assessment of changing sea surface CO2 and air-sea CO2 fluxes

Nerem; Observations of Sea Level Change: What have we learned and what are the remaining challenges?

Final O’Dor; The Ocean Tracking Network

Final Oke; Ocean Observing System Evaluation

Final Palmer; Future observations for monitoring global ocean heat content

Final Plag; Observations as decision support for coastal management in response to local sea level changes

Final Pouliquen;Argo Data Management

Final Rayner; Evaluating climate variability and change from modern and historical SST observations

Final Reed; Ocean Data Portal: a standards approach to data access and dissemination

Final Reid; A global Continuous Plankton Recorder programme

Final Rintoul; Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS): Rationale and strategy for sustained observations of the Southern Ocean

Final Sathyendranath; ChloroGIN: Use of satellite and in situ data in support of ecosystem-based management of marine resources

Final Scott; Integrating satellite altimetry and key observations: what we’ve learned, and what’s possible with new technologies

Final Seim; Development of delivery of services from ocean observing systems – an opportunity to promote common approaches

Final Send; A Global Boundary Current Circulation Observing Network

Final Send; OceanSITES

Final Shum; Geodetic Observations of Ocean Surface Topography, Ocean Currents, Ocean Mass, and Ocean Volume Changes

Final Sieracki; Optical plankton imaging and analysis systems for ocean observation

Final Smith; Automated Underway Oceanic and Atmospheric Measurements from Ships

Final Smith; The Data Management System for the Shipboard Automated Meteorological and Oceanographic System (SAMOS) Initiative

Final Snowden; Metadata Management in Global Distributed Ocean Observation Networks

Final Stammer; Ocean Variability evaluated from an Ensemble of Ocean Syntheses

Final Sun; The Data Management System for the Global Temperature and Salinity Profile Programme

Final Swail; Storm Surge

Final Swail; Wave measurements, needs and developments for the next decade

Final Testor; Gliders as a component of future observing systems

Final Trenberth; Atmospheric reanalyses: A major resource for ocean product development and modeling

Final Vanden Berghe; Integrating biological data into ocean observing systems: the future role of OBIS

Final Wilson; Ocean Surface Topography Constellation: The Next 15 Years in Satellite Altimetry

Final Woodruff; Surface In situ Datasets for Marine Climatological Applications

Final Worley;The Role of ICOADS in the Sustained Ocean Observing System

Final Xue; Ocean State Estimation for Global Ocean Monitoring: ENSO and beyond ENSO

Final Yoder; The Ocean Colour Radiance Virtual Constellation (OCR-VC)

Total submissions: 97

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