Side event:
Applied Acoustical Oceanography for the Global Ocean Observing System

19:00-20:00, Day 3 Wednesday 23 September 2009

Session Chair: Brian Dushaw
Rapporteur: Peter Worcester

Talks 10-12 min. each.

0. Introduction (3 min.)
1. Carl Wunsch: "Acoustic Thermometry and General Circulation Models"
2. Rusty Brainard: "Ecological Applications of Acoustics"
3. Stein Sandven: "Use of Acoustics in the Arctic Ocean Observing System"
4. Walter Munk and Peter Worcester: "Ocean Acoustic Tomography"

Panel Discussion/Audience Questions: Rusty Brainard (NOAA/Hawaii), Bruce Howe (U. of Hawaii), Walter Munk (SIO-UCSD), John Orcutt (SIO-UCSD), Stein Sandven (NERSC/Bergen), Carl Wunsch (MIT)

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