Community Forum:
Ocean Ecosystems

16:00-17:30, Day 2 Tuesday 22 September 2009
Room: Feste

Co-Conveners: Julie Hall, Peter Burkill and Shubha Sathyendranath

This Community Forum will discuss the way forward for observations of marine ecosystems in the next decade. A small number of people have been requested to make short presentation (2 minutes) each, to bring various perspectives, before the general discussion. These short presentations will be followed by small group discussions focussed on moving observation for marine ecosystems forward. Questions for the groups will include: How can we prioritise the next steps? What criteria can be developed for identifying priorities? What set of processes can be used to implement/coordinate the next steps?  The results of these discussions will feed into the Conference Statement and the Conference report which will be used as a basis for moving forward Ocean Observations in the next decade.

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