Draft Conference Agenda

The conference was organized around five days, drawing from community-submitted contributions (see more detail on the general conference structure: from inputs to outcomes). Click the days below to read descriptions and details of the sessions under each day.

Participants received a printed overview of the agenda (pdf, 1MB) »

Day 1 (21 Sep)
Celebrating a decade of progress and preparing for the future »
Day 2 (22 Sep)
Scientific results and potential based on global observations »
Day 3 (23 Sep)
Delivering services to society »
Day 4 (24 Sep)
Developing technology and infrastructure »
Day 5 (25 Sep)
The Way Forward »
1A Opening 2A Large-scale ocean properties: science, observations, and impacts 3A Information and assessment 4A In situ 5A Delivering societal benefits from the ocean observing system
1B Celebration of a decade of progress
1C High level perspectives: the need for ocean observations and information 2B Large-scale ocean circulation and fluxes 3B Forecasting 4B Satellite Presentation of the Conference Statement
5B Towards an integrated observing system
  2C Biogeochemistry and ecosystems 3C Hazards, Impacts, and Management 4C Information Synthesis and Delivery 5B Towards an integrated observing system (cont'd)
1D Early successes
Poster Session

Parallel Community Fora
Poster Session

Parallel Community Fora
Poster Session 5C High-level perspectives: sustaining ocean observations
5D Viewpoints from the International Programs
Opening reception 5E Closing address
2R Roundtable: How are changes in the large-scale ocean circulation impacting biological processes? 3R Roundtable: Imperatives for ocean observing in a changing world

Preview of film Oceans   Social event: conference dinner

  Keynote session
  Invited Plenary Papers Session with Questions and Discussion
  Poster Session for Community White Papers and Additional Contributions
  Roundtable discussion
  Community Forum opportunity for smaller group discussion and contribution to the conference outcome



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